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Moji Massage
The Moji Self Massage Tool is the only tool that meets ALL of our massage tool criteria.

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Best Massage Tool: Moji (Part 1)

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Criteria #1 FEELING: Can it replicate a real hand massage? Does it feel like a hand, finger or thumb?

Answer is yes, here is how and why.

A massage therapist will use their thumbs to really press hard on your body/muscles during a massage. The thumb is generally in the same shape as the steel ball. A massage therapist generally uses an oil or lubricant to allow the hand/thumb to glide on your skin. With the Moji, no oil is needed.

The balls can move effortlessly, just like a hand, except the Moji360 can actually give you a little more pressure with less effort due to the bar/pad the balls are connected too.

The pad can fit inside the palm of your hand as well, so the size is generally the same.

EXTRA BENEFIT: Instead of only 1 thumb, you get multiple thumbs, 7 to be exact.

Criteria #2 EFFORT: Can it move around in any direction, freely and effortlessly?

Answer is yes, here is how and why

The steel balls are attached stationary to the pad, yet they are freely moving in any direction. It’s like a ball bearing. So the Moji can move 360 degrees with as little or as much effort as you want it.

Criteria #3 PRESSURE: Can the tool handle various amounts of pressure for different types of massage?

Answer is yes, here is how and why. The construction of the Moji360:

The mini is made of durable, flexible plastic that holds the smooth steel balls. The mini will curve, bend and form to your palm. The larger massager is made of durable, plastic that is not flexible, intended to not bend or curve around body parts. The steel balls allow movement under any amount of pressure, so there is nothing to get stuck or break.

Criteria #4 HURT: Does the tool feel good on any body part? Can you use the tool without hurting you?

In general Yes, but if you apply too much pressure on boney locations, such as the shin, it could hurt.

The Moji360 Mini is made out of soft plastic so it bends or molds to the body part. If you cup it in your hand, it will bend around the shin, which eases the rick of pain.

Criteria #5 SIZE: Is the tool lightweight, portable and durable?

Answer is yes; the Moji360 is very lightweight, made of durable plastic and extremely portable.

The Mini is only 6 x 3 inches, so it can fit on the palm of your hand and easily go any your bag. The plastic bends, but stiff enough to handle pressure.

The Massager is 19 x 2.5 inches and is hard plastic that has rounded edges, as to be confortable when massaging with it.

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